What A Brilliant Idea This Has Been

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WHAT A BRILLIANT IDEA..... Artists Commissioned to Produce Prints for Clothing Range.

We are starting to receive our spring / summer deliveries and the first one off the racks is a new label to us .... Dolcezza, this is Canadian Design but made in Turkey. 

I must tell you how impressed I am with the design and quality of these garments.

Since receiving our first shipment it has been going gang busters ( for want of a better word ). The colours are amazing, bright and cheery, which is what we all need right now. They have commissioned individual  artists to design a print for a story. So a story is made up of dresses, jackets, tops, pants... I love the fact that everything in a particular story works well on it's own or together.. 

Check it out on our web store...

Stay well and safe 

Trudy x



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